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Jesus, boots, chaps, and cowboy hats, nothing else 
  This is our vision coming to life, be patient. We are working to get the wording right and to be legal.
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"Cowboy Up With Jesus"
Train everyday like an athlete.
Learn to be fully filled
Study the word use CCR
'We equip you to live life'
Lariat Ministries
Where  Dreams, Begin "Again" 
Where Our Services and the Word R Free
U R wonderfully made 
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God Bless America
 We hope you will join us in your pursuit of God and a life that glorifies Him here on a ranch setting soon. Using Horses to be a fertile ground in the event of a miracle for challenged kids. Helping Men to be men of God and women to be a Proverbs 31 lady. Our holy God is so merciful and loving to save us from death; He deserves our love and our lives.  Jesus, the King of the Kingdom, died in our place to give us the opportunity to live His Kingdom with Him.  
One day soon, Jesus will return and all that is wrong with the world will be made right.  In light of these things, 
we are devoted to a life of love and living faith, all to the glory of God the Father.
Worry not "Lariat Ministries" is where 
the healing "begins".
This site is our vision for Lariat. We pray we can be all we can be for everything it stands, we are in the waiting the mode. Yet listening & watching. Giving when and where we can. 
You won't find tenderfoots and tinhorns around here, just good ole folks lookin to help ya anyway they can.
Saddle up cowpokes and cowboy up with Jesus. We have a ways to ride, to be by Jesus’ side, forever and ever. We have to Head ’em up and 
move ’em out to get out there and spread the Word to the flatlanders and across the sea. That my friends is where Jesus wants 
us to be. Come on wranglers, we are burnin’ daylight…. If your focus is on Christ you will be able to pass through your storm or battles 
as if they were mere vapors. Be strong and courageous in Christ! Focus on letting God love someone through you. Are you reaching out to someone to give them God’s love. Remember you cannot go to the next level without the help of another. Know that without passion, there can be no perseverance. Be mindful, be full of thoughts that can reach people in way to open their hearts and minds to God’s love. What are the possibilities? Believers are the receivers, doubter are the with outers. Who’s day can you change with a hug and kind words of 
Godliness from your heart??? 2 Ch. 32:7 Remember this my friends; Loves is, friendship on fire with the Holy Spirit.
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