Today's Lord Prayer

Today We Prayed
  My wife and I were praying this morning and this what happened. We were told to pray The Lord's Prayer... in a new way. When you pray speak fervently, great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm... with Passion, be on Purpose, Speak with Confidence of Who You Are... BE EAGER !!!
  So we started by speaking spirit to spirit, then Janet started speaking the Lord's Prayer. I started stomping my feet in the first couple of stanzas... then I prayed fervently with passion. After a bit I am not sure how lone it was a while. Then God said be still and listen.
  So I sat down and listened. He started speaking to me. After a bit He said speak in sentences I give you, then listen more and then give another phrase I give you...
First thought was it is a record breaking year like I spoke before to you. I spoke: Record breaking season for you, a record breaking year in for what I am doing for you in your life. Then I listened.
He said: I bring you an Oasis, out the desert... to the land of milk & honey... from out of the wilderness.
Silence, stillness: 
He said: I expand your borders, breaking boundaries, limitations, perceptions like never before in your life.
He said: bringing you into greater blessings, I hear the launch.
He said: Meditate on My word and allow My promises to wash you clean of all doubt, fear or negative expectancy.
He said: Receive what I give you, like you say Jim "Rope it, Brand it, and put her in your corral."
He said: Pray without ceasing, be persistent. Speak My word into your life throughout the day.
He said: Meditate on My word and allow My promises to wash you clean of all doubt, fear or negative expectancy... By doing what I say; Know that I have surrounded you with My favor with a shield of Angels.
He said: Understand by doing and listening to Me on this day... you not only receive something new, you become something new. Know that by experiencing time with me I transform you, I Am upgrading you, promoting you...
Stomp your feet & shout in Praise.
Today I put my brand on everything You have given today, I seal it with the Blood of Jesus, your covenant with Me. Amen, We are in agreement, so be it for now it is written. 

The old has moved away, the new has come... 
“Abba Father, thank You for making me a new creation and giving me my daily bread with forgiveness, life full of Your love and Grace. Thank You for empowering me to live as an over-comer. I give this day to You and ask You to help me fully understand this plan You have given to me. I speak this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”