Charter Membership
Charter Members Privileges
Giving Changes Lives
We serve a faithful and progressive God, so I know that in 2008 He has even more for us to do together. I was given a vision to move from Bakersfield to Redding for locating the right land for the ranch. God has given provision for the move and has blessed me beyond my comprehension. If we are to do more it will take all of us working together, praying together and giving together. We look for your imput and help.
Help us keep Lariat free of fees. Give to the children and help the lost to earn to cowboy up with Jesus
Help us position the men where he belongs in God's eye's the head and not the tail.

“To whom much is given, much is required.”

Our goal is to leave the Charter membership open for one year 2008.
All Charter members will receive a membership ID card and have their name put on a
rock and you will place it in walk way to make a walk way to the prayer chapel, to God.
Also each charter member will be etched on a Lariat Ministries Rock
at the ranch some where. There will be a Chuck Wagon Charter Member Bar-b-que,
including Praise and Worship concert and guest speakers.
Ameritrade Deposit Ready for Platinum and Gold members.
When donating you can send donations by clicking donation button or email and we will give you bank transfer instructions. Please give all contact info and state which level you want to be in, so we can complete membership info for our files and send you receipt for taxes with EIN. Thank you and God Bless you.

Platinum Level $12,000.00 Minimum      Forever membership
Entitles you to full Ranch privileges, cabin stays RSVP, horse riding lessons, trail rides, moonlight rides, hay rides, chuck wagon cook outs, full round up privileges, concerts, lectures, classes provided by Lariat Ministries, 1 signed copy of "Secret 2 the Promises", full privileges just ask. 70lbs. of beef when butchering at end of round up season and annual ranch bar-b-que. Also any event you desire to attend.

Gold Level    $7,000.00 Minimum        Lifetime membership
Concerts, lessons, horse rides, Moon light rides, trail rides, Chuck wagon cook outs, round up privileges, and fishing. 1 signed copy of "Secret 2 the Promises" 50lbs. of beef when butchering at end of round up season, and annual ranch bar-b-que.

Silver Level    $1,200.00 Minimum       Desinated membership
Concerts, Lessons, and limited riding privileges. 1 signed copy of "Secret 2 the Promises" 25lbs. of beef when butchering at end of round up season, and annual ranch bar-b-que.

Green Level     $700.00 Minimum          Desinated membership
Riding privileges and signed copy of "Secret 2 the Promises" 20lbs. of beef when butchering at end of round up season, and annual ranch bar-b-que.

Blue Level            $300.00 Minimum         Desinated membership
Limited riding privileges, Book signed book "Secret 2 the Promises" and Chuck wagon Charter member bar-b-que.

Club charter memebership; entitles you to any book we have in our book store, health membership Body the Temple, Spiritual health membership, an investment for body mind and soul to prosper you in all aspects. We set you in line of benefits to make profits of this club membership in promoting it.  Ask us how this works, we will send you full details. You can build a monthly income by being fit of body mind and soul. Then telling others about Lariat and what it has to offer. The ranch and it's teaching are free. The benefits club pays dividends for real. It also gives you privilages of enrolling in Lariat health insurance and to get in on ranch beef.