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Rope It, Brand It, &        Put'er In Your Corral
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America the Beautiful 
Hear Me America you are the Beautiful
  America you have traded in your ashes for Beauty... So let it be known America, I have answered your call, I have given you power again. So My question to you is, what will you do with it. Will you speak life into your lives and country or sit on the sidelines and hope others will speak what you want and give you what you want??? For those who speak life they shall have life, those who speak not will have not... Receive My Spirit and you will receive My Glory.
  I your God have answered your cry, for I have Trumped the enemy. The sound of our Kingdom shall ring true. I have raised up Heavens trumpets and they give the sounds of brass distinction. "My people will hear that sound and they will believe in it & walk in it.... Your new President Donald J Trump I have anointed, he hears My voice and follows. He will stand up to the demonic. Breaking through mans administration. He has sworn to uphold righteousness and justice for all. So My children pray like never before because your destiny is at hand, pray and the tide shall produce blessings... while thwarting the enemy. The enemy is strong in many people for they hear not My voice, so speak My words, walk in My Love with Grace around your neck, & give My glory where ever you go. So they who cannot hear My voice shall have their ears opened to the truth.
  America I have you in My hand as long as you hold My words & love for one another. Stand up for My people and all My saints around the world I will bless you. Unite as one, walk as I say in My Kingdom, bring Heaven to earth, & promote My will in your lives, & in your country. The Trumpet of the Lord, the trumpet of Glory will give a sound of victory, a sound of freedom, in a sound of faith. 
America the Beautiful... This is a time of new beginnings... So my friends as I have said many times when you receive a truth or blessing from God.... Rope it, Brand it, and put her in your corral. You have my permission to share.
Speak the truth and Honor thy Father. Continually have a close relationship with God the Father. CCR Constant conversation passionate & loving Relationship with the Father.
Your words never return void,,,
Love, Grace, and Glory...
Happy Trails
Jim Bowline 1/20/2023 

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